Principal Consultant: Lee A. Alley III

A.A. Degree – Management

A.A. Degree – Computer Network Specialist

A.A. Degree – Computer Information Systems

Previous/Current Positions:

-Principal Owner: Absolute Computer Solutions

-Deputy Constable: Mohave County

-Elected Constable: Mohave County

-Founder and CEO: Distinct Interiors LLC

Mr. Alley’s background in Computer Information Systems allows him to provide high level complete solutions, and consulting advice when helping clients establish their medical marijuana business computer systems, as well as computer information systems to satisfy all reporting requirements and compliance with all laws.  Agencies that require computer systems to interface with their systems include the Internal Revenue Service, Arizona Department of Revenue, and Arizona Department of Health Services, per statute and rules reviews as of 11/18/2010.  Some of these agencies will require live, full time connections with their internal databases.  Mr. Alley is capable of network design and interface with outside agencies.  Internal computer systems design, installation, and training are also offered.

Mr. Alley has 10 plus years of practical business experience which includes a computer consulting firm, an interior design consulting company, and as owner of two franchise businesses. 

Given the nature of the Arizona medical marijuana statutes, all legal operation while in possession of a medical marijuana care givers card falls under the realm of civil law.

Mr. Alley’s background also includes six years experience in law enforcement as Deputy Constable, and Elected Constable in Mohave County Arizona.  As Constable Mr. Alley was trained and certified by the Arizona Peace Officers Standards and Training Board for the position of Constable.  County Constables are certified specialists dealing with Civil Law Matters; much like the County Sheriff is a criminal law specialist. 

When selecting a consultant, it would be well advised to utilize the services of individuals that understand the regulations/laws and can deliver on complete computer systems, and business systems that will satisfy regulations by all of the governing bodies involved in the legal operation of your new business.  Careful attention to details is the way to insure your new business is set up, and run, properly.  The last thing any medical marijuana business owner needs is to run afoul with any laws or regulations.  Poor execution in this business will result in being shut down, or worse.

*Mr. Alley operates as merely a consultant.  At no time legal advice will be given.  Mr. Alley is NOT an attorney; consulting services are not advised as a substitute for proper legal counsel.  


Facilities Consultant: Cory Nations

-Bachelor of Science in Forestry with a focus on International Forestry

-Over 7 years of experience in horticulture using both hydroponics and soil based media
-Established 5 operating grow rooms from the ground up including build-out
-Installed wiring from the breaker out for all lights, fans, etc.
-Installed plumbing systems for both passive and active hydroponics systems
-Installed and maintained computer controlling software and hardware for hands-free monitoring and controlling of all hydroponics variables including:
lighting duration, room air temperature, reservoir temperature, pH, solution concentration in ppm, and other vital aspects of horticulture
-Full familiarization with nutrient deficiencies and plant pests associated with hydroponic or soil grown plants including: signs, symptoms, and cures
-Consulted on two large scale grow-ops and several small scale operations to increase quality, quantity, and ease of operation in several states including: Pennsylvania, Delaware, California, Hawaii, and Arizona


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