Medical Marijuana Dispensary Licensing Consulting

Proposition 203 was placed on the general election ballot for November 2nd, 2010.  The Arizona voters decided Arizona is to be the 15th state to ratify medical marijuana as a legal and legitimate business in the state*.

Currently the Arizona Department of Health has been tasked with the administration of the state medical marijuana program.  The department is establishing the rules that will more closely define how a marijuana business will be licensed within the state.

The statutes that were ratified by the voters have established there will only be 124 or 125 dispensary licenses granted in Arizona.

The director of the Arizona Department of Health has stated that he estimates dispensaries will enter operation in the fall of 2011. 

The applicant that is successful in securing a dispensary license can anticipate running a business that has net annual revenues in the millions of dollars.  This is serious business that will require a very thorough application to be approved by the State Department of Health.  We have prepared a system based on 10 months of studying all laws and processes that have previously been established in other states.  We have secured actual applications of dispensaries that have been approved in states with the tightest regulations.  There is so much information in these 35 to 150 plus page applications that provide a good road map for success in Arizona.  Now that the final rules have been established by the Arizona Department of Health Services we are within a critical time window to ensure all of the necessary steps are taken to ensure a license application is approved.

If you are serious about securing a medical marijuana dispensary license, it is important to secure the services of a consultant that has the know how to make your groups application a success.  Our service includes the opportunity for your application to show your organization has retained consulting services of a former Arizona elected official, former Arizona Peace Officer, and someone who knows how to navigate Arizona politics.

A note about other marijuana business consultants:  Most, if not all, of the consultants that are offering their services in Arizona are offering consulting services to clients while they themselves are in the process of attempting to secure a medical marijuana license personally, or for their operating group/company.  The possibility of this type of consultant providing sub-standard consulting in an effort to improve the odds of their securing a license is a credible and real possibility.  Due diligence when contracting with a consultant should be a number one priority.  Determining consultants connections with other applicants can be impossible if the consultant has taken steps to prevent a paper trail of affiliation. 

The easiest to spot are the consultants that openly affiliate themselves with a dispensary, here is a news story about a company that is applying for a dispensary and also providing consulting.  http://www.statepress.com/2010/11/17/businesses-react-to-nearby-medical-pot-dispensary/

Here are some suggestions that will help determine the connection of some consultants to a potential dispensary application:

1.    Check with the Arizona Corporation Commission to see what affiliations the consultant has with any Arizona corporations.    An Arizona corporation can be called anything, and still operate a dispensary under the corporation with a Doing Business As (DBA).  An individual connected to any corporation that was formed since prop 203 was drafted should be considered suspect even if the business name does not seem to indicate a medical marijuana business.   

2.    Develop a set of questions for your initial contact to the consultant that would allow the consultant to admit he/she is applying for a dispensary.

3.   Ask the consultant if they are in any way affiliated with a company that intends on applying for a dispensary license.

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