Welcome to MMJ Consulting

We utilize a team approach in ensuring our clients are provided the guidance and assistance in putting together the absolute best dispensary application package.

The competition for these lucrative licenses is intense, and we utilize our expansive network of resources to help ensure our clients are approved.

MMJ Consulting is working with a select few client groups that we feel will find success on delivering all of the necessities in assembling flawless application packages. Our business structure is based around our clients success. We are not providing classes to hundreds of would be dispensary owners and providing basic knowledge along with some generic forms. We work closely with our clients and provide a fee structure that helps reduce up front costs.  It is critical to utilize your available capital in the most efficient manner that leads to licensure.  Our program significantly reduces the up-front costs involved allowing our clients to submit many more applications with the available capital.  We develop long-term relationships with our clients that assures we are working as diligently as possible to ensure your licensing success.

If you are interested in a free 30 minute phone consultation please fill in the form below and you will be contacted to set up a convenient time.